ColorArch App

ColorArch (© Universitat Politècnica de València) is an App conceived by Dr. Juan Serra Lluch which allows you to select combinations of colors following the criteria used by an architect of recognized prestige, having implemented the module corresponding to Le Corbusier so far. The application contains the exact color notation in Natural Color System (NCS), facilitating the work to architects, designers and end users. When opening the application, the user can select from a drop-down list some of the 43 colors Salubra 1931.

Le Corbusier proposed combinations of 3 or 4 colors that were available in 13 color letters called “color pianos”, with a proper name with the one they identified: wall, sky, space, etc. When selecting a color, all its combinations appear ordered according to their recurrence, with Le Corbusier’s preferred combinations remaining first. A text shows the name of the color in the original Salubra notation and in NCS. The colors and their combinations can be navigated in the three-dimensional space NCS, in which each color is described by three variables: tone, blackness and chromaticity. By moving the three-dimensional model it is possible to evaluate the combination criteria preferred by Le Corbusier.

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